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New Dawn Parrot Sanctuary, Inc

501c3 Nonprofit

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“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

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About New Dawn Parrot Sanctuary, Inc

Nonprofit since 2016

Welcome to New Dawn Parrot Sanctuary! We currently have 35 parrots in residence. Most of our parrots are kept out of their cages in an aviary environment and are in encouraged to grow flight feathers and can interact or not interact as they please. They are all well cared for and well loved... Even the grumpy ones. We do not breed parrots, but we do have some that are bonded. My husband and I solely support the health and welfare of our parrots with the help of donations. We have been 501c3 since 2016 and are interested in networking with other rescues, businesses and agencies. We welcome any monetary donations, as well as donations of food or toys. Please contact me if you are interested in visiting, adopting, donating or if you would like to inquire about surrendering your parrot. Thank you for visiting and liking our page..

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